Realistic VR-based simulation

Hands-on training, both actual and simulation based, is a natural part of learning. Recent technological leaps have made it possible to perform highly realistic hands-on virtual training, and by utilizing modern immersive virtual reality the training can be highly interactive. Through immersive VR procedural demonstrations can be viewed from all angles, hand-eye coordination can be trained, and otherwise impossible simulations can be played out – as both self-directed as well as collaborative learning.

While VR works wonders for some learning objectives, it is not the solution to all training requirements. To utilize VR for relevant learning objectives Populus Development has partnered with The training room online ( This collaboration has made it possible for companies to easily create their own VR learning resources – without writing a single line of code. These resources integrate seamlessly into the platform Area9 Rhapsode and can be accessed through traditional web browsers, consumer level VR headsets or high-end VR hardware.

The platform Area9 Rhapsode allows our team of experts to develop and deliver programs that serve the following training needs: