Converting ILT or VILT to Adaptive Learning

Existing Instructor Led Training or Virtual Instructor Led Training courses typically have a fair amount of ‘show and tell’ – the Sage on the Stage standing at the front of the class teaching facts, concepts, or procedures.

As Bloom showed more than 30 years ago, personalized teaching is significantly more effective than ILT for cognitive training. For courses that are exclusively ‘show and tell’ with no practical component, the greatest ROI will be achieved by converting the entire course to the adaptive learning methodology.

Example: National Safety Council worked with Area9 to convert a two-and-a-half-day classroom course to 16 adaptive modules.  The median time to complete dropped from 20 hours to less than ten, with some learners mastering the material in as little as four hours. 

The platform Area9 Rhapsode allows our team of experts to develop and deliver programs that serve the following training needs: